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GCH2021 goes Virtual!

General Information and Registration Rates

Registration is not open yet. The countdown has started!

New in this edition!

  • The different types of Online Registration for GCH2021 are below. Please choose the one that suits your needs best. 
  • In order to register to GCH2021 - even for the Free of Charge option - you must become first a Member of the Community, which is exclusively available on the APP MyGCH and is Free of Charge.
  • Therefore, for those who are not yet Members of our Community, just download the APP MyGCH and fill in the form 'Join MyGCH'. Only after you've become a Member, you can access the Congress Registration Form, placed inside GGH2021 icon, always on the APP.


Official APP now available

You can now download our official APP for iOS and Android

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