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GCH2021 goes Virtual!

GCH2021 Registration Info

New in this edition!

  • The Registration will be closed on Sunday 23rd.
  • All those planning to apply for a Certificate please make sure you are registered on the Certificate option by then. Remember that there is a minimum of 75% live attendance required in order to access the exam. After the last session - Saturday 22nd - the global attendance will be verified and you will be notified by email as well as given further instructions on the exam process.
  • The different types of Online Registration for GCH2021 are below. Please choose the one that suits your needs best. 
  • In order to register to GCH2021 - even for the Free of Charge option - you must become first a Member of the Community, which is also Free of Charge.
  • For those who are not yet Members, just fill in the form 'Join MyGCH' available on the MyGCH App or under 'Get account' on the sign-in page shown on restricted areas. Only after you've become a Member, you can access the Congress Registration Form as well as other Members-only sections.
  • The App offers several additional features including instant notifications, a networking section, etc. so we highly recommend that you download it.


Download MyGCH, the Hysteroscopy APP

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