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Why MyGCH Premium?

What is the difference between a Premium and a Standard member?

MyGCH Premium Membership gives you access to:

  • MyTube Premium Channel: A Video-Library with more than 200 videos with hysteroscopy-related topics presented by top-class industry experts giving you the opportunity to learn from the best anytime:  at your disposal are, among others, all the lectures from GCH2019GCH2021, HTRS2022 and, coming soon, those of GCH2023.
  • Special conditions in events organized by the Global Community of Hysteroscopy.
  • Industry events for Premium Members only.
  • Discounts for online educational material by GCH.

Who can become a Premium Member?

Who can become a Premium Member?

  • Only MyGCH Members can upgrade their account to a Premium Membership.
  • Aren't you a Member of the Hysteroscopy Community? not yet? Simply fill in the form Join MyGCH which will grant you access to the Members-only areas... but still not to the Premium ones.
  • Only then, you will be able to upgrade your membership to Premium by filling the form below.

What is the cost?

What is the cost?

  • The annual cost for a Premium subscription is only 18 Eur per user.
  • Subscription is valid for 1 year from the moment of payment.
  • Please note the subscription is linked to the email under which you are registered at MyGCH. Make sure you always use the same email so that the system identifies you correctly.

The Premium Subscription is open!

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