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  Communication Votation Results


Best GCH2021 Communication

The Voting process for the Best Communication selected by our attendees has ended. 

We are excited to share GCH2021 Best Communications, as voted by the Participants:

  • EP-2104 'Hysteroscopy in patients using tamoxifen: endometrium findings and histology correlation' by R. Pisón; M. Boutmy; J. Laufer; S. Scasso; L. Murdoch; G. Souto; M. Dinardi; C. Sosa from Uruguay
  • VC-2101 'Asherman syndrome treatment. Three goals achieved' by Carolina M. Ochoa, Agustina Larrea, Justina Brown from Argentina
  • VP-2106 'Outpatient Hysteroscopic Removal of Retained Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices in Pregnant Patients: a case series' by E. Voss, R. Gilad, S. Jaber, D. Bauman, R. Goldstone from Israel

We invite you to visit all Communications under the 'Communications' menu section.

Thank you to all participants for the quality of their work!

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