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Saturday 22 / May / 2021



New Perspectives | Moderated by Dr. Luis Alonso Pacheco (Spain) | Speakers below

Olympus Symposium

Fresh look on Versapoint for Office Hysteroscopy

Speaker: Dr. Martin Farrugia (UK)

Chair: Jacqueline Sanchez (Olympus) 

Unusual Topics | Moderated by Dr. Ichnandy Arief Rachman (Indonesia) | Speakers below

Hot topics | Moderated by Prof. Bruno van Herendael (Belgium) | Speakers below

Prof. Bruno van Herendael (Belgium)

  1. Classic hysteroscopy surgery for complex pathology | Prof. Xiang Xue (China)
  2. Miniaturization in Hysteroscopy – updates | Prof. Miguel Angel Bigozzi (Argentina)
  3. Uterine anatomy by 3D Ultrasound | Prof. Carmina Bermejo (Spain)
  4. Hysterosalpingo-Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) | Dr. Agustín Rubal (Uruguay)

FzioMed Symposium

Anti Adhesion Gels

Speaker:  Dr. Gere diZerega (USA)

Chair: Todd Fanning (FzioMed)


Closing by the Co-Chairs: Dr. Luis Alonso Pacheco, Prof. Sergio Haimovich, Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo

Saturday 15 / May / 2021



Myoma Techniques | Moderated by Prof. Ricardo Lasmar (Brazil) | Speakers below

Hologic Symposium

Optimising Hysteroscopy Procedures in the Outpatient Setting


Chair: Prof Sergio Haimovich (Israel/Spain)
Mr. Pandelis Athanasias (UK)

Uterine Malformations | Moderated by Prof. Nash Moawad (USA) | Speakers below

Ask the Experts | Moderated by Dr. Jose Carugno (USA)| Speakers below

Others | Moderated by Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar (India) | Speakers below

Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar (India)

  1. Polyps (VP, morcellator, Scissors, laser, mini-resectoscope) | Dr. Mary Connor (UK)
  2. Adhesions | Dr. Sushma Sudhir Deshmukh (India)
  3. Ovular Remnants | Dr. Christina Salazar (USA)
  4. Isthmocele | Dr. Perrine Capmas (France)
  5. Debate

Ask the Experts | Moderated by Prof. Malcolm Munro (USA) | Speakers below

Saturday 08 / May / 2021



Endometrium | Moderated by Prof. Carlo De Angelis (Italy) | Speakers below

Prof. Carlo De Angelis (Italy)

  1. US in the endometrial evaluation | Dr. Caterina Exacoustos (Italy)
  2. Recent published studies on endometrium | Dr. Antonio Simone Laganà (Italy)
  3. Refractory endometrium | Dr. Alberto Vázquez (Spain)
  4. Chronic Endometritis | Prof. Ettore Cicinelli (Italy)

KARL STORZ Symposium

Current possibilities of office hysteroscopic surgery
From diagnostics to advanced operative procedures

Speaker: Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Naples, Italy
Chairman: Dr. Rudi Campo, Leuven, Belgium

Cavity | Moderated by Dr. Martin Farrugia (Italy) | Speakers below

The Uterine Wall | Moderated by Dr. Rudi Campo (Belgium) | Speakers below

Ask the Experts | Moderated by Prof. Sergio Haimovich (Israel/Spain) | Speakers below

Saturday 01 / May / 2021



Welcome by Co-Chairs: Dr. Luis Alonso Pacheco, Prof. Sergio Haimovich, Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo


The Set-up | Moderated by Dr. Mario Franchini (Italy) | Speakers below

Dr. Mario Franchini (Italy)

  1. How to set up a Hysteroscopy Unit | Prof. Salvatore Giovanni Vitale (Italy)
  2. Office Hysteroscopy (Patient preparation, Vaginoscopy, Pain management). Dr. Thiago Guazzelli (Brazil)
  3. OR Hysteroscopy (Dilation, Cervix preparation) | Dr. Sukhbir Sony Singh (Canada)
  4. What in OR and What in Office? | Prof. Justin Clark (UK)

Medtronic Symposium

Vaginoscopy Against Standard Treatment: VAST Study Summary

Speaker: Prof. Justin Clark (UK)

Understanding the cavity | Moderated by Prof. Grigorios Grimbizis (Greece) | Speakers below

Prof. Grigorios Grimbizis (Greece)

  1. The normal cavity | Prof. Carlos Buitrago (Colombia)
  2. Structural Pathology       

            2.1 Congenital | Dr. Marco Gergolet (Italy)

            2.2 Acquired | Dr. Jude Okohue (Nigeria)

        3. Functional Pathology | Dr. Alicia Úbeda (Spain)

        4. Pre-malignancy and Malignancy | Dr. Hsuan Su (Taiwan)

Ask the Experts | Moderated by Prof. Osama Shawki (Egypt) | Speakers below

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