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  Speaker Profiles

Speaker Profiles

Dr. (MD) Agustín Rubal
Dr. (MD) Alberto Vázquez
Prof. (MD PhD) Alicia Úbeda
Dr. (MD) Alka kumar
Dr. (MD); Amy Garcia
Prof. (MD, PhD) Andrea Tinelli
Dr. (MD); Andreas Thurkow
Dr. (MD) Antonio Simone Laganà
Prof. (MD, PhD) Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo
Prof. (MD, PhD) Bruno van Herendael
Prof. (MD, PhD) Carlo De Angelis
Prof. (MD, PhD) Carlos Buitrago
Prof. (MD PhD); Carmina Bermejo
Prof. (MD. PhD) Caterina Exacoustos
Dr. (MD) Christina Salazar
Prof. (MD. PhD) Enlan Xia
Prof. (MD PhD) Ertan Saridogan
Prof. (MD PhD); Ettore Cicinelli
Dr. (MD) Georgi Stamenov
Dr. (MD); Giampietro Gubbini
Prof. (MD, PhD) Grigorios Grimbizis
Dr. (MD) Hsuan Su
Prof. (MD, PhD) Hua Duan
Dr. (MD) Ichnandy Arief Rachman
Dr. (MD) Ivan Mazzon
Dr. (MD) J. Preston Parry
Dr. (MD) Jaime Ferro
Prof. (MD, PhD) Jamal Fikri
Dr. (MD) José Alanis Fuentes
Dr. (MD) Jose Carugno
Dr. (MD) Jude Okohue
Dr. (MD) Keith Isaacson
Dr. (MD) Linda Bradley
Dr. (MD) Luigi Montevecchi
Dr. (MD) Luis Alonso Pacheco
Dr. (MD) Maite Lopez-Yarto
Prof. (MD, PhD) Malcolm Munro
Dr. (MD) Marcelo Hermida
Dr. (MD) Marco Gergolet
Dr. (MD) Mario Franchini
Prof. (MD, PhD) Mark Hans Emanuel
Dr. (MD) Martin Farrugia
Dr. (MD) Mary Connor
Prof. (MD, PhD) Miguel Ángel Bigozzi
Prof. (MD PhD); Milind Telang
Prof. (MD, PhD) Mykhailo Medvediev
Dr. (MD) Nash Moawad
Prof. (MD, PhD) Osama Shawki
Dr. (MD) Perrine Capmas
Dr. (MD) Rahul Manchanda
Prof. (MD, PhD) Ricardo Lasmar
Dr. (MD); Rudi Campo
Prof. (MD, PhD); Salvatore Giovanni Vitale
Prof. (MD, PhD) Sergio Haimovich
Dr. (MD) Shahrzad Ansari
Prof. (MD PhD) Stefano Bettocchi
Dr. (MD) Sukhbir Sony Singh
Dr. (MD) Sushma Sudhir Deshmuk
Dr. (MD) Sunita Tandulwadkar
Prof. (MD, PhD) T Justin Clark
Dr. (MD) Thiago Guazzelli
Prof. (MD, PhD) Thomas Moscovitz
Dr. (MD) Xiang Xue

Dr. (MD) Georgi Stamenov

Dr. (MD); Georgi Stamenov


Dr Georgi Stamenov is a specialist in reproductive medicine, heading one of Europe’s leading IVF centres, Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital. He is also a devout gynaecological endoscopist and is passionate to build bridges between MIGS and assisted reproduction. In his view, hysteroscopy is an indispensable tool in the management of the infertile patient.

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