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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Medicine and especially surgery is a field in constant evolution characterized by innovation-seeking for a safer and more efficient result for our patients.

Hysteroscopy and the surgery of the uterine cavity are an example of an unstoppable evolution in the last 20 years but more markedly during the last decade.

In contrast to this fact, blind procedures of the uterine cavity are still widely used, dilation and curettage (D&C) is a procedure that is still performed in the same way as the first time, in 1846. No evolution, no improvement, and the repercussion to women’s health are also the same.

In the GCH, we believe that it is time for a change thanks to the available technology, the time to evolve from “blind” intrauterine procedures to safer “under direct vision” procedures has arrived.

This is the main reason for this meeting organized by GCH under the title of “HTRS: Technological Revolution in Hysteroscopy. First steps for the end of blind procedures”, where we will be able to finally meet again.

We invite you to be part of this historic event, to witness the beginning of a revolution led by the best surgeons and speakers, with surgery techniques explained by the most experienced. You will see new technology “in action” where traditional “blind procedures” used to be the norm.

This is going to be a game-changing revolutionary event that will conclude with the signature by our organization along with members of the AAGL and ESGE of a Consensus Statement of Intentions against blind procedures and a new beginning for Hysteroscopy becoming THE standard in Gynaecology.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sergio Haimovich, Luís Alonso Pacheco, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Tony Carugno, Miguel Ángel Bigozzi

GCH Executive Board

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