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Bienvenidos a H-ART-US!

Dear friends and colleagues,

The world of assisted reproduction has undergone a true revolution in recent years, of which we have been witnesses and active participants. Nowadays, reproductive experts are required not only to be skilled clinicians but also to master techniques such as ultrasound and, in some cases, hysteroscopy.

It appeared that the paths of these three medical disciplines (reproductive medicine, gynecological ultrasound, and hysteroscopy) were destined not to converge in major scientific gatherings, although they seamlessly did so in daily clinical practice.

In order to bridge this gap and foster a deeper connection between these fields, we are proud to introduce HARTUS: an innovative hybrid concept that has been just conceived in order to blend a discussion forum with a conventional congress. 

This new approach involves bringing together top specialists and leading industry members from each field to foster collaborative avenues that bring us closer and contribute to enhancing outcomes.

We are thrilled to invite all specialists from each discipline to join this new event in Rome, 22-24 April 2024 to encourage collaborative exchanges that will enhance our shared knowledge and practice.

Looking forward to seeing you in HARTUS 2024!

Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Sergio Haimovich, Luis Alonso Pacheco

HARTUS Co-Chairs

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