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  02/02/2021 17:09

Hysteroscopy Newsletter - Vol 7 - Issue 1

The new edition of the Hysteroscopy Newsletter is now available attached! This edition is dedicated to Myomas and its contents include:Editorial by [...]

  08/01/2021 16:33

ARTICLE: GCH Program on Innovation in Medicine/Surgery

By Sergio Haimovich on LinkedIn A Company presents a new device. An innovation, something we need, or a necessity will be created so we will want it. [...]

  11/12/2020 16:45

NEWS: Get ready for 2021 GCH Medical Education Program

The Global Community of Hysteroscopy is getting ready for the new CME program on #hysteroscopy 2021 with many surprises for hystero-lovers! Stay tuned [...]

  02/10/2020 20:30

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Septate Uterus and reproductive outcomes: let's get serious about this

Letter to the editor in regards to the paper 'Septum resection in women with a septate uterus: a cohort study' published in Human Reproduction (Impact [...]

  01/09/2020 11:54

Hysteroscopy Newsletter - Vol 6 - Issue 5

The new edition of the Hysteroscopy Newsletter is now available attached!Contents include:Welcome by Julio Diaz Pinillos (Perú) Hysteroscopy picture [...]

  26/08/2020 19:47

NEWS: Prof Sergio Haimovich appointed Chief Medical Officer at OCON Healthcare

Prof Haimovich is a world-renowned expert many medical professionals seek to learn from, currently serving as the President of the World Congress of H [...]

  26/08/2020 19:03

EBOOK: Successful number of chapter downloads for 'Hysteroscopy' on SpringerLink

Since its online publication on Feb 23, 2018 there have been a total of 113372 chapter downloads for this Hysteroscopy eBook. The book is among the to [...]

  24/08/2020 18:43

BOOK: Tratado de Histeroscopia | Pelas lentes dos melhores do mundo

New book about Hysteroscopy! This time in Portuguese. Get it hereAuthors: Thomas Moscovitz, Luis Alonso Pacheco and Marcos Tcherniakovsky [...]

  27/07/2020 12:09

ABSTRACT: From hysteroscopy to laparoendoscopic surgery: what is the best surgical approach to symptomatic isthmocele. A systematic review and meta-analysis


  13/07/2020 10:35

Hysteroscopy Newsletter - Vol 6 - Issue 4

The latest issue of Hysteroscopy Newsletter is already available attached to this post!This issue includes the following sections: Welcome by Salvato [...]

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