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Hysmena - Hysteroscopy Conference 2020 

  15/07/2019 09:23

The HYSMENA Conference will offer an opportunity to the participants to learn the basics as well as latest  advances in the newer technologies related to Hysteroscopy. It will encompass the journey - past, present and future taken by the field alongside the clinical debates and discussions of new and relevant surgical procedures and techniques.

The scientific committee has on its board the leaders, pioneers and the inventors themselves as part of the  faculty. The conference will offer opportunities for discussion and debate to prospective hysteroscopy learners. 

The programme will cover among other topics :

• Hysteroscopy

• Hysteroscopy in infertility

• Hysteroscopy in reproductive age group

• Hysteroscopy in menopause

• Submucous fibroids / Polyps

• Endometrial ablation

• The future of hysteroscopy

Preliminary Conference overview attached



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