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ARTICLE: GCH Program on Innovation in Medicine/Surgery 

  08/01/2021 16:33

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By Sergio Haimovich on LinkedIn 

A Company presents a new device. An innovation, something we need, or a necessity will be created so we will want it. Commercializing is the last stage, but what is the process that brings to it? What is the source of the innovation?

The source is CREATIVITY. There are persons with high creativity levels and some of them apply this creativity in their day a day work. In surgery, we apply creativity to improve a procedure, make it faster, safer or more efficient.

I believe that many of us have great ideas for innovation in surgery but in most cases, it remains as an idea that disappears in time with a frustration feeling. Why? Support, resources and a whole infrastructure are needed and are very hard to get.

Till now we have depended on the I+D department of the device industry, and only few ideas reached those departments and even fewer were developed. It is very difficult to get the device industry attention for an idea. The industry looks for a developed idea, with proven results and commercial potential.

During the last decade many Hospitals created innovation committees to give an answer for the creativity inside the institutions, investors created business angels’ meetings to look profitable ideas. It helped to develop more ideas with commercial potential but is not enough.

We are surgeons, in most cases without time for startups creation, but we are creative with many good ideas. More solutions are needed.

I think it is time that our scientific societies start to support creativity. Innovation will create a financial resource that will help societies no to depend mainly on the industry financial support. It will be profitable both for the society and for the idea´s owner. Will give an answer to all the society members ideas, to this huge creativity source that sometime lamentably disappears in time.

The @Global Community of Hysteroscopy has a program for helping creative surgeons, protecting your idea, finding and negotiating for you with potential developers. If you are interested in this collaboration, contact us for more information at: (



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