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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are proud to invite you to the 2nd Global Congress on Hysteroscopy (GCH)

that will take place in Barcelona (Spain), from April 30 to May 3, 2019.

The first congress in 2017 was an absolute success where more than 700 professionals from around the globe devoted 3 whole days, in 4 parallel rooms, to talk exclusively about Hysteroscopy. What characterized the event was the good atmosphere where a resident could meet and sit next to a “celebrity” professional in a relaxed and comfortable way.

In this 2nd edition, an improved program has been developed in which the most relevant speakers on a global scale participate. The GCH19 will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest techniques, clinical advances and international evolution in the practice and treatment of endometrial pathology.

In the GCH19, the open debate will be motivated and a diffusion will be made about the relevant news and information. Emphasis will be placed on the Reproductive Surgery of the endometrial cavity and on consultation procedures, we will follow the campaign started in 2018 “My Hysteroscope is My Stethoscope” with the aim of bringing hysteroscopy to all gynecologists.

This congress has been designed for ALL, even for those who DO NOT know hysteroscopy. We will have 3 parallel conferences:

* BEGINNERS – with many workshops and a lot of hands-on from the best.

* ADVANCED – where we will enjoy a diversity of topics of maximum interest

* EXPERTS – where new surgical techniques and specially the relation between

hysteroscopy and reproduction are developed in collaboration with the best experts.

The Board of the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy includes representatives of ALL international endoscopy societies (ESGE, AAGL, ISGE, APAGE and MESGE) together with a group of relevant and independent hysteroscopists.

We believe that there has been a before and after the GCH17, thanks to which international collaborative projects in Hysteroscopy are being carried out, active discussion groups are created with opinion leaders and projects related to hysteroscopy are supported on a global scale.

The organizing committee has endeavored to provide, not only an exceptional scientific program, but with MyGCH, also an excellent opportunity to create a global NETWORK that will allow all participants to form professional links around the world.

You cannot miss the opportunity to attend this event of reference.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona at the GCH2019!


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